If you are a real estate agent or broker that has syndicated listings through your MLS, then your listings may be on LotNetwork.com as "Basic" Listings. You can "Auto-Upgrade" your listings to automatically create Featured and Premium listings on LotNetwork.com and enjoy the significant exposure and marketing benefits that come with upgraded listings. Plus, the Auto-Upgrade process automatically uses your existing listing information and photos to create your new Featured and Premium listings, saving you tons of time and effort. You'll see that it's fast, easy and reasonably priced to Auto-Upgrade your Basic Listings. 

LotNetwork.com is a Channel Partner with ListHub, one of the largest MLS service platforms in the country. ListHub has agreements with most of the major MLS systems across the nation, which is why it's possible that your lot and land listings are on LotNetwork.com as "Basic" Listings. But you'll need more than just a Basic Listing to most effectively reach the large audience of lot and land buyers on LotNetwork.com.

Auto-Upgrade helps you sell properties by making sure they are seen at the top of search results as Featured or Premium listings. Plus there are many additional marketing benefits that come with Featured and Premium Listings, giving you higher exposure to our targeted audience of lot and land buyers. 

See this page for more about the Auto-Upgrade Feature and what LotNetwork.com does to protect agents and brokers -- we want to make sure you (and only you) get leads from your listings.

It's so easy...Here's how Auto-Upgrade works. 

To begin using the Auto-Upgrade feature you first will need to register and sign up for a listing plan (or Log In if you've already done that). Then follow these 3 easy steps

Step 1: 

Search for your listings on LotNetwork.com and open each listing that you wish to Auto-Upgrade one at a time. Simply enter appropriate property information (like zip code and price range) and run your search, and if your listing is in our database it will be returned in the search results. Click on your first listing in the search results to open it. 

And remember, the Basic/MLS listings you are seeing will only have 1 photo and minimal listing info compared to the expanded benefits and information after you finish upgrading to Premium and Featured listings.

TIP: Just look down the right side of the search results for your firm's name to find your listing on the page. If a large number of listings are returned, then add additional search criteria to narrow your results.

Step 2: 

Click the orange "Upgrade Listing" button above the map in your Basic/MLS listing (see image below) and an Auto-Upgrade pop up appears.

Note that you must be logged in to use the Auto-Upgrade feature. If you already have registered and signed up for a listing plan, you can log in and start using Auto-Upgrade right away (if you need to sign up, click here to choose a plan and start the process).  



Step 3:

In the Auto-Upgrade pop up: (1) check the box to verify it is your listing and then (2) click the blue (Featured) or green (Premium) button to select the type of listing plan you already purchased. In other words, did you sign up to post this as a Featured or Premium Listing?  See sample Auto-Upgrade pop up shown below.

If you choose a listing type (Featured or Premium) that is not already in your account (or that is not available because it is being used by another Active listing), then you'll see a message in the pop up. Either choose another listing type or, if you need to add a new plan, simply close the pop up, go to the listing plans page or to the My Account page in My LotNetwork to add a new listing plan and then return to your listing to use the Auto-Upgrade feature.

And then....you're done!  


Like magic, your listing information is automatically imported for you (including all your photos) and the listing is posted as Active -- buyers now are seeing your Featured or Premium Listing for that property near the top of search results and through our other exclusive marketing programs for your upgraded listing. 

After you click to upgrade from the pop up, LotNetwork immediately puts you into the Edit Listing mode for that listing so you can review the listing's information and make any changes you'd like. To be thorough, we suggest that you (a) confirm the property is mapped properly (use our custom Mapping Tool (on the first page of the Edit Listing form) if you need to adjust the map) and (b) add any other information that you need to include via our land-focused listing template (like a more descriptive listing "Title", the bullet-point "Highlights", etc.). Save any changes, and then you are all set.

Then just do this process again to Auto-Upgrade any other listings that you wish to add as Premium and Featured listings on LotNetwork.com. 

You can review all your new listings in the My Listings area under the My LotNetwork drop down at the top right (when you are logged in).  Click on the listing's image on your My Listings page to be redirected to your full listing page for that property. Or search for your listing and click to open it from your search results (and as a Featured or Premium Listing it now can be seen near the top of the search results).

Compare listing plan options and features on this page.

Contact us at customerservice@lotnetwork.com with any questions.

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