Lost your password, or just can't remember it anymore? Don't you fret. LotNetwork.com has an easy-to-use, automated Password recovery feature. Just click here and then enter your Username (an email address) that you entered when you registered. An email will be sent to you with a replacement password so you can log in. The temporary password is long and random...for your security. Just copy the temporary password from your email to help you log in to your LotNetwork.com account (to copy the password, highlight the password characters in the email and use CTRL-C to copy it; then use CTRL-V to paste the password after putting your cursor into the Password field of the LotNetwork.com log in pop up). 

Screenshot of Password & Account Recovery Page:

After you successfully log in, you can go to My Account (in the My LotNetwork area) and change your password, if you wish (see this article for the easy steps for Changing Your LotNetwork.com Password). 

You also may access the Password recovery page at any time by clicking "Log In" near the top right of the browser page (when you are not logged in), and using the link for Password recovery that is in the Log In pop up.