Your Security Is Important To Us

We value our customers and have taken great care to ensure the security of our members’ information.  

  • We never sell customer information. 
  • For your protection, we don’t store your credit card information on our site or our servers. 
  • Our Privacy Policy and practices have been verified by third party privacy certification organizations. 
  • Your information and transactions on are encrypted for your protection using a high security SSL certificate system, and the site has undergone the highest "EV" level of validation.  

Powerful Protection Provided By Industry Leaders works with some of the top online security and transaction processing companies to ensure that we have taken thorough measures to protect the safety of your information. 

All of our credit/debit card processing is done through PayPal, one of the world's leaders in online payment processing. You have security and peace of mind with the PayPal infrastructure running our transaction processing because this also means that your credit card and financial information does not need to be saved on's servers or web site. To make the transaction process seamless for our customers we have designed a custom billing interface on -- this means our payment-related pages are branded as pages and you will not see or jump to "PayPal" payment pages on the site.'s SSL certificate is powered by Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), a highly-respected U.S.-based Certificate Authority that has issued more than 100,000,000 SSL certificates in more than 150 countries, making it the largest market share commercial certificate authority. Sectigo's clients include some of the most well-known brands in the world.

The SSL certificate protects your information as it is transmitted between your browser and the web site. You benefit from's high security EV-SSL certificate through features like:

  • Cutting-edge 256-bit encryption that secures your data
  • 2048-bit RSA encryption key 
  • $1.75 million warranty protection provided by Sectigo
  • Extended Validation (EV) review and vetting process for certificate holder before issued

You Can See Visible Evidence of our Security Measures on the Web Site is secured by an EV (or extended validation) SSL certificate that provides numerous visual cues for web site users. This helps you know when submitting billing or account information that your activity and information on this site is secure. Depending on the browser you are using, it will show some of the following visuals:

  • Green highlights in address bar (for some browsers)
  • LotNetwork's corporate name in the address bar as owner of the site
  • https:// at the beginning of our domain name (the "s" means it's a secure page)
  • Padlock icon in the address bar
  • Information about the company in the certificate details

EV visual cues, as seen on Microsoft's Edge Browser (display subject to change based on Edge browser updates)

EV visual cues, as may be seen on Google's Chrome Browser (display subject to change based on Chrome browser updates)

In addition, the Trust Guard and Comodo/Sectigo seals and logos are displayed in the footer and other areas on the "main" part of the site (where listings are displayed and plans are purchased) to provide additional visual verification about the extensive privacy and security protections that has put in place. 

Note that this Support portal area of the site and the Blog use different SSL certificates issued by different certificate authorities. LotNetwork's Support and Blog areas are similarly secure (you will see an https:// in the address bar), but they do not have the same EV classification because they are running on different service platforms than the main part of the web site and are not directly tied to the area where your account information is processed. So your experience on the LotNetwork sites continues to receive high security protection -- even though these are not areas where you would submit sensitive information for account set up, purchases or other transactions -- you just will not see the EV-SSL visual cues in your browser and the footer seals will not be displayed on the Support and Blog pages. 

For additional information, you can click on the Trust Guard and Comodo/Sectigo seals in the footer on the main part of the web site to see more details about's Privacy verification and EV SSL validation.

DigiCert SSL Certificate Details on TrustGuard Privacy Verification Certificate on