Yes! The same listing template is used for both Premium and Featured listings, so it's easy to change between the two "Types" of listings. And it's great to make this switch if you need to boost your marketing efforts -- when a listing has been identified as Featured it will get the highest visibility in search results (above all Premium and Basic listings) and will get additional exposure on the site via the customized Featured Listing ads that are shown on the Home Page and other key pages. Featured Listings get more than 10X the Impressions on the site and more than 30X the Listing Views by potential buyers.  

To make this change, go to the My Listings section of My LotNetwork and change the Type of your listing from Premium Listing to a Featured Listing using the drop down option under the "Actions" column (the current drop down selection for that listing would show Premium (see Figure 1)). You also can make this change from Premium to Featured while in the "Edit Listing" mode for your listing (using the options at the top right of the listing form) (see Figure 2).   

Be sure to add (or already have available) a Featured Listing plan in your account. You will be prompted to purchase the Featured Listing plan in a pop up when making these changes if an unused Featured Listing plan is not already in your account, or you can add a new Featured Listing plan up front, directly via the "Sign Up!" button on the Sell Lots & Land page (and then make the change from Premium to Featured as shown in this article). If you're adding a new listing plan for the Featured Listing, you only will be charged the pro-rated amount due for the remainder of the month when you are between billing dates. 


             Figure 1 - Change Listing Type in My Listings (under My LotNetwork)              


   Figure 2 - Change Listing Type in Edit Listing Mode

Note that this only changes or switches the existing Premium Listing's "Type" and you will keep your existing Premium Listing plan in your account. This allows you to now market the upgraded listing as a Featured Listing and to continue to add other new Premium Listings using your account's existing Premium Listing plan (and to continue to market any other existing Premium Listings that you already have under your current plan). Of course you always can make changes to remove the Premium plan if you no longer need it.

You also can change your Featured Listing back to a Premium Listing at a later date. Just make similar account adjustments if you no longer have a Premium listing plan in your account.

And, if you have both an active Premium Listing and an active Featured Listing that you wish to "swap" (making the Premium a Featured and the Featured a Premium), just follow the instructions described in this related article.

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