First, congratulations on selling your property! 

Next, after you sell your property you can simply change the status of your listing to “Sold”. The Sold listing will be archived with your account so that you may continue to view it in your My Listings section, but it will be removed from the searchable database and will not be visible by others after the change.

Also, once the status is changed to Sold it will not count for billing purposes or toward your subscription plans (it is like an "Inactive" listing in that respect). When you mark a listing as sold, the system prompts you to enter some basic information about the sale. This information is optional, but may be useful information for future features on the site.

You may change your listing's status to "Sold" in one of 2 places:

  • In the My Listings area of My LotNetwork -- just click "Change Status", select "Sold" from the drop down menu that appears, and then confirm your changes.

  • In Edit Listing mode, click the button to change the listing to Sold and confirm your changes.