An overview of our pricing and different listing plan options.

One of our goals is to make reasonably priced and easy to use for our customers. So, we've tried to keep our listing subscription pricing a great value and we have limited the types of listing plans offered to just three options to keep it simple. 

For clarification, first note that listing "types" and listing "plans" are different. We only have 2 listing types -- Featured and Premium listings -- that you can add on  Those listing types can be used to market your properties when you purchase or subscribe to an appropriate listing plan. Here's an overview of our 3 property listing plan options:

  1. Single Premium Listing Plan - $19.95/month
  2. Unlimited Premium Listings Plan - $39.95/month
  3. Single Featured Listing Plan - $49.95/month

We have a full page on that describes each listing plan further and that includes a chart to help you compare the different features of listing plans and the two listing types. See the chart on this page for more details. 

Learn more details about's listing "types" in these articles on Featured Listings and Premium Listings.

Premium Listing Plan Options
Premium Listings give you great exposure and appear above all Basic/MLS listings on the site. The only difference between the two Premium Listing plan options (in addition to price) is the number of Premium Listings that you can market at one time. If you're a lot or land pro -- whether you're a broker, builder, developer, investor, etc. -- then the Unlimited Premium Listings Plan is likely the best option between the two and it will be a good value for you because you can post as many Premium listings as you wish at any time for just $39.95/month. The Single Premium Listing Plan is great if you only have one lot or land property to sell (and very affordable, at just $19.95/month). You can only have one type of Premium Listing plan in your account at any one time (either Single or Unlimited).

Featured Listing Plan Option
Featured Listings are for those properties that really demand higher exposure. Featured Listings get the highest visibility on the site and are seen above all other listing types in search results. They also provide more exposure for your property in custom ads that run on the Home Page and on other key pages, and are further promoted in newsletters, social media and similar avenues. When you buy a single Featured Listing plan you then may post one of your listings as a Featured Listing. You may purchase multiple Featured Listing plans, which allows you to market multiple properties as Featured Listings.

A user may have both Premium and Featured Listing plans in their account. Many customers keep the Unlimited Premium Listings plan and one or more Featured Listing plans in their account on an on-going basis. And remember that Premium Listings and Featured Listings are based on the same listing form/template, so you can change a property listing between the two "types" and properties can be swapped by you between the listing types as long as you have the appropriate listing plans in your account.

Save with Prepaid Listing Plans
In addition to our pricing for month-to-month listing plans, we also offer discounted pricing if you prepay for your listing plans -- up to 20% off the regular monthly rate.  Read more about prepaid plans and discounts here.

Advertising on

In addition to property-focused listings, also offers advertising options for those who really want to ramp up the exposure for their property, project, product or service. These advertisement spots are not property listing-based. Instead, these ads can use your creatives and link directly back to your website (or page of choice). See this page and contact our Advertisement Team to learn more about our customized "Featured Partner" advertisements as well as skyscraper, banner and rectangular ad options that can use your existing creatives.

Be sure to see's Terms of Use for more details about your account, billing and other related matters.