Premium listings are one of the 2 listing "types" that you can use to market your property on (the other is Featured Listings).  A Premium Listing on gets outstanding exposure and will show up in Search results above all the more than 350,000 Basic Listings. 

Premium Listings use our unique listing template with expanded data fields that are specific to the homebuilding and development industry (but most of these fields are optional, so don't worry if you don't know what to include). Premium Listings may include as many photos and attachments as you wish. Put your site plans, building plans, photos, maps, engineering reports and all the attachments you need to make your listing complete and ready for the right buyer.

If you want to market a property as a Premium Listing, then you simply need to purchase one of our 2 Premium Listing Plan options. The "Single" plan lets you market one property at a time as a Premium Listing, and the "Unlimited" plan lets you post an unlimited number of properties. Learn more about Premium Listing Plans here.

You also can choose to market your property as a Featured Listing to get even higher visibility.  Learn more about Featured Listings.

Premium Listings use a green color scheme on the site. A property may be changed between a Premium and Featured listing type (if you have the right listing plans in your account) because both listing types are based on the same listing form/template.  Learn how to swap your Featured and Premium listings.