Featured listings are one of the 2 listing "types" that you can use to market your property on LotNetwork.com (the other is Premium Listings).  If you’ve got a property that demands a lot of attention, then Featured is the listing option for you! 

Featured Listings will show up at the top of returned Search results – above all Premium and Basic Listings – when buyers are looking for that right opportunity to buy. Featured Listings also will be shown in custom ads on the Home Page and key pages throughout the site for even more exposure. Unlimited photos and attachments, along with expanded data fields in our proprietary listing form that highlights the listing’s best features, make the Featured Listing a top-seller. Include your site plans, building plans, photos, maps, engineering reports and all the attachments you need to make your listing complete and ready for the right buyer. 


If you want to market a property as a Featured Listing, then you simply need to purchase one or more Featured Listing Plans. You buy Featured Listing plans individually, but you may add multiple Featured Listing plans to your account. Learn more about Featured Listing Plans here.


You also can choose to market your property as a Premium Listing using one of our 2 affordable Premium Listing Plans ("Single" listing or "Unlimited" number of listings).  Learn more about Premium Listings.

Featured Listings use a blue color scheme on the site. A property may be changed between a Featured and Premium listing type (if you have the right listing plans in your account) because both listing types are based on the same listing form/template. Learn how to swap your Featured and Premium listings.

Auto-Upgrading from Basic Listings

Agents and Brokers may have syndicated MLS listings on LotNetwork.com and can easily create Premium and Featured Listings using their "Basic Listing" data. For agents and brokers, our "Upgrade" feature allows you to use all the relevant lot and land information that you already entered when creating your MLS listing, and automatically creates a Premium or Featured listing for you on LotNetwork.com using your data. This feature is a great time saver. 


Plus, all of your photos will be added to your Premium or Featured Listing during the auto-upgrade process (Basic Listings display no more than one photo). Your Basic Listing will remain untouched (it's tied to your MLS system) and a separate Premium or Featured Listing is created on LotNetwork.com and added under your listing plans. 

Go to this page to learn more about our auto-upgrade feature. And see this article for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Auto-Upgrade featureTo get started you'll first need to add a listing plan.