Basic listings on are the more than 350,000 residential lot and land listings from across the U.S. that make up the core of the database. These listings only have the basic information that buyers need and are culled daily from MLS and other listing services across the country. Basic listings have a gray color scheme on the site.

You can add your properties as Premium Listings and Featured Listings on, but you cannot add a property on as a Basic Listing because these only can be uploaded to the site's database via automated processes and data feeds. Premium and Featured listings are what you really need to boost your marketing efforts and are the best way to reach lot and land buyers.

In comparison, Premium and Featured Listings give you much higher exposure and visibility than Basic Listings because your Premium and Featured Listings are seen in search results above all Basic Listings (and Featured Listings get promoted in other ways too). Both Premium and Featured listings are created using's unique, land-focused listing form that helps you present the right information about your property that lot and land Buyers want to see (Basic listings only show basic information like address, price, acreage and a brief description). Premium and Featured Listings help you promote both you and your brand by giving you the ability to display your head shot photograph and company logo with your listing contact information (not included in Basic Listings). In addition, you are able to include an unlimited number of property photos and file attachments with your Premium and Featured Listings, while Basic Listings can only show one photo. 

Here's an article that compares the differences between Basic/MLS Listings and's Premium and Featured Listings

Your Basic Listings on is a channel partner with ListHub, the nation's top listing syndication service, and receives updated MLS listing information from across the nation on a daily basis. If you are a real estate professional that syndicates listings using the ListHub system then you can have your listings syndicated to appear on Depending on your MLS system, you either need to go into the ListHub dashboard and select as a syndication publisher for your listings or make a similar selection within your MLS software. Check with the customer support teams at your MLS or ListHub if you need clarification for how your local system works. 

Be aware that, unlike some real estate listing syndication web sites, is very protective of agents and their listings. We neither insert other agents into the lead platform for your listings nor display other agents' information on your listing page -- a buyer has no question that you are the contact for your listing. Plus, we update our syndicated listing data daily to avoid having inaccurate or stale listing information. Read more about our syndication policies and what we do to protect agents.

If you want to find your Basic Listings on you simply need to do a search for your existing MLS properties using location, acreage and/or price criteria (you can start a search here). Note that your Basic/MLS listings are separate from your account because your Basic Listing data is tied to your MLS system (which controls editing and updating actions for your MLS/Basic listing). As a result, your Basic Listings do not automatically appear in your "My Listings" area of My LotNetwork -- this area is just for creating and managing Premium and Featured listings on However, if you auto-upgrade from your Basic Listings to Premium and Featured Listings (see below) those upgraded listings will be accessible in your account in the My Listings area.

Auto-Upgrading from Basic Listings

Agents and Brokers with syndicated MLS listings on can easily create Premium and Featured Listings using their Basic Listing data. Our "Upgrade" feature allows you to use all the relevant lot and land information that you already entered when creating your MLS listing, and automatically creates a Premium or Featured listing for you on using your data. This feature is a great time saver. 

Plus, all of your photos will be added to your Premium or Featured Listing during the auto-upgrade process (Basic Listings display no more than one photo). Your Basic Listing will remain untouched (it's tied to your MLS system) and a separate Premium or Featured Listing is created on and added under your listing plans. 

Go to this page to learn more about our auto-upgrade feature. And see this article for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Auto-Upgrade featureTo get started you'll first need to add a listing plan.