Typically, no. But there are a number of situations where listings with these characteristics are allowed -- like listings where a builder/developer proposes to build a new home or community, mixed use parcels, tear-down properties, subdividable land with a home, etc. -- when the property's proposed end-use clearly fits LotNetwork.com's property profile (as explained further below). Otherwise, because LotNetwork.com has been specifically designed to connect buyers and sellers of lots and land for new homes, listings that are focused on the features of existing homes or that purely are marketing commercial properties fall outside this scope. 

While we don't allow listings for selling completed, existing homes, we are very focused on helping homebuilders connect with buyers that want to build or buy a new home. LotNetwork.com is an excellent place for a builder to sell to-be-built homes as Turnkey Listings by marketing the builder's vacant homesite inventory with proposed building plans and the intention to build the home for a buyer (learn about how to do this with Turnkey Listings). Our Turnkey Listing feature is a great way for builders to find buyers before even breaking ground. And builders and developers market new home communities and their new build opportunities on LotNetwork.com too, as the buyer of a vacant lot for building a new home typically wants to connect with a homebuilder that can help them achieve their new home dreams.

In addition, a property listing may include an existing home or other structure on the site too, but mainly if those structures are incidental and the property is being sold for the land (like a tear-down situation) or to be subdivided into extra lots or a new home development. 

There certainly can be some overlap in uses with commercial properties too, but typically the target market and needs for residential lot and land buyers and sellers are different from those of commercial property buyers and sellers. So while we do not accept listings purely for office buildings and other such commercial structures , we do accept listings for commercial land that can be developed for multifamily or mixed uses since these may include a strong residential component (even if they also include other uses), commercial parcels that include structures that are expected to be removed or land that can be subdivided off for new development.

LotNetwork.com is the nation's premier web site for residential lots and land -- the One Site for HomeSites -- and we do not want to interfere with the experience of LotNetwork.com’s members and visitors by including listings that do not fit that profile. Accordingly, LotNetwork.com may inactivate a listing if it is determined that it is not the appropriate type of property for the web site.

We are happy to help, so be sure to get in touch with our Customer Service Team if you have any questions or need guidance about your property listings. Simply submit a new Support Ticket from this support portal and we will get back to you soon.