Yes. You may edit your listing anytime and as often as you would like. 

Go to the My LotNetwork drop down at the top right of most pages when you are logged in and click on My Listings (the top menu option). This will take you to the My Listings area of My LotNetwork. [Note that in addition to your listings, you can manage and update most of your other account information via the My LotNetwork drop down and area.] 


From the My Listings page, just look through your listing thumbnails (the rectangular overview of your property in the My Listings list) and click "Edit Listing" next to the listing you'd like to edit. 

This will take you into Edit Listing mode for that property listing. Then simply edit the information you need to update or change.

When you make changes on a page during the Edit Listing process, be sure to click the "Save & Post Edits" button near the top right of each property information page on the listing form. This will immediately post your changes for that page. If you don't click that button, your edits may be lost.