LotNetwork.com is not just for the sale of individual lots or parcels. With our "Project Listing" feature the web site also helps you market or find portfolios of lots and entire development projects. Project Listings are a unique feature on LotNetwork.com that is part of our specialized services for the home building and real estate development industry.

A "Project Listing" simply is an additional description that can apply to either a Premium or a Featured listing (it is not a different kind or type of listing). A Project is a development parcel (whether the project is planned, underway or completed) that buyers can take over, and also may include multiple lots that are being sold together in a portfolio. Project Listings can include additional project-related information about sale terms, the number of lots planned, takedown schedules and more. Read this article for more details about the benefits of Project Listings on LotNetwork.com and how they can help you sell portfolios of lots or development projects. 

To identify a Featured or Premium listing as a "Project" the Seller should simply check the "Is this a Project Listing?" box when creating or editing a listing. This is done on Page 2 of Step 1, in the Builder Box input area (see green arrow in below image). When that is done (and the change is saved or posted), the listing will be identified as a "Project Listing" in search results and on the listing's detail page.  A "Project" on LotNetwork.com is intended to include the sale of all or part of a community, subdivision, plat or plan that contains multiple associated lots or parcels. A Project should include land that is generally in the same geographic area.

For Sellers, Project Listings are a great tool for helping you sell these unique types of property offerings. Simply mark your property as a "Project" when it is being added to the system, which allows buyers to look for Projects in search results. 

For Buyers, you can easily see which Premium and Featured listings are Project Listings in your search result lists and find more project-related details on the listing page.

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[Image: Just check the box to mark your listing as a Project Listing]

Identify your listing as a Project Listing