Incomplete Listings allow you to finish what you started.

You always can start creating your listing, even if you are not ready to post it right away.  As long as you proceed beyond Page 1 of Step 1 in the process for adding a new listing, your listing data will be saved for you as an "Incomplete" listing. 

Page 1 includes the only "required" information for your listing, and touches on important items like address, price, acreage, as well as the mapping interface. If you stop after this point (Page 2 of Step 1 and beyond) then your listing will be saved as an "Incomplete" listing in your My Listings area in My LotNetwork. You can close your browser or Log Out at this point and your under-progress listing information will be saved for you.

Your listing will be saved as Incomplete after you get to Page 2


When you are ready to work on or finish your Incomplete listing, simply click "Edit Listing" for that listing on the My Listings page and you will be returned to the process for adding your listing. 

Note that Incomplete listings will not be seen by potential buyers and only are visible to you in your My Listings area.

Be sure to Post your Incomplete listing to make it Active.

After you have finished your edits and when your listing is ready, then you simply need to "Post" your listing so that it will be Active. Once it is "Active" it can be seen by potential buyers in searches on  

There are 2 ways to make your listing Active:

  1. "Post" Completed Listing - On Step 3 of the process for creating your listing, the Preview and Post page, you can choose to Post your listing. Simply click the "Post" button this page to make your listing Active.


  2. Change Listing's Status to Active - You may change an Incomplete listing to an Active listing from the My Listings page. Just click "Change Status" on the Incomplete listing's thumbnail view. A drop down menu will appear, and you can simply choose to make the Incomplete listing Active at that time. Wait for the system to process the change, and now your listing will be live and able to be found in search results.