To avoid accidental errors, we only have one place in the site for you to Delete a listing entirely. Deleting a listing is final, and doing so totally removes the listing from the database. Typically you would only want to delete a listing if it was a listing where you made mistakes and never completed it. For example, you may want to delete an Incomplete listing you started but never finished, when you later replaced it with a separate listing for the same property.

Even if you are not actively marketing a property anymore -- like when it has sold, it's under contract or it has been withdrawn --  in most cases there is no reason to actually Delete the listing. You can choose to mark the listing as Inactive or Sold (as appropriate), and neither will be an active listing that is visible in search results. There is no charge or plan required for Inactive and Sold listings, so you may keep them in your account as a reference or just in case you need to make them Active again one day. Because Under Contract listings can continue to be marketed by you, designating a listing as Under Contract allows it to continue to appear in search results and it still applies to your listing plans.

Deleting a listing is easy. Just go to the Edit Listing mode for the particular listing and click where it shows "Delete Listing" (see screenshot).  Then just confirm the deletion, and you're all set.

Access the Edit Listing mode from the My Listing page or by using the button at the top of your listing's page (only visible to you for your own listings and when you are logged in). Learn more about Editing Listings.