Did you start creating your listing but not finish? Or is your listing Inactive and you wish to make it Active again?

It's easy to finish and post your listing as Active on LotNetwork.com. My Account option under My LotNetwork menu

First, make sure you already have the right kind of listing subscription plan in your account and that the plan is the same type (Premium or Featured) as the listing you are trying to post. Also, confirm that your plan has available space for a new Active listing -- in other words, you only can post a listing when there is room in that plan and the plan is not fully-used and allocated to another Active or Under Contract listing. Check your current listing plans under the My Account option of the My LotNetwork menu in the Current Billing section on that page. Or, go to this page on the site, Log in and select your new listing plan: Choose a new subscription plan on the Listing Plans Page

Next, to post your listing simply Log In at LotNetwork.com and go to the My Listings area (under the My LotNetwork menu - see yellow highlight in screenshot) to see an overview of your listings. If you have not yet posted a particular listing that listing will be shown as "Incomplete" in the thumbnail view shown on the My Listings page. Or if you did previously post a listing but it has been changed to Inactive status (or Sold status, etc.), you should be able to see that listing in the My Listings area too.

To post your listing as Active, you have two easy options: 

  1. Simply change the status of your listing to "Active" from the My Listings page (which automatically posts the listing), or 
  2. Choose to Edit the listing first and then Post the listing via Step 3 of the Edit Listing process. 

Both of these options will make your listing Active, and you can go back to the My Listings page and confirm that your listing is indeed "Active". You also can do a search for your listing on the site and see that it is Active (Featured Listings appear at the top of search results and Premium Listings are at the top directly below any Featured Listings).

My_LotNetwork_drop_down_with_My_Listings_highlighted.png           Change Listing's Status on My Listings Page Edit Listing option on My Listings page

Note that your listing only will appear on the My Listings page if you have proceeded past the first page of the listing form. If you were creating a new listing and did not get far enough in the process before you stopped working on it or the system timed out for inactivity, then there is insufficient information for a new listing to be created and saved here as Incomplete before you have posted it as Active. So if you need to stop working on a new listing you are trying to post, at least make sure you get past the 1st page of the listing form so it will save as "Incomplete" first. Then you can come back later to My Listings to edit and post your Incomplete listing.