Display Your Headshot Photo & Company Logo in your Listings to Advertise your Brand & Encourage Buyer Contact

Many people in the real estate industry like to include a professional headshot-style photograph or portrait in their listings, as well as an image of their firm's logo. Not only can this help to build your brand identity, but it's also believed to increase the number of contacts that you will receive.  

To help you add and update these images in your Premium & Featured LotNetwork.com listings, we've built in an easy-to-use interface for our members. All you need to do is add the photographs and images one time, and they are applied to all your Premium & Featured listings.  Your professional headshot photo is called a "Member Photo" on LotNetwork.com, and your firm logo is your "Member Logo".

Note that displaying a headshot photograph and firm logo in your listings is a benefit of having a Premium or Featured listing on LotNetwork.com. This feature is not available for Basic/MLS listings on the site.

How to Upload Member Photos and Member Logos

To get started, you'll need to be in the Create or Edit Listing process. If you are not there yet, then go to the My Listings page first to access the process. You need to Log In with your email address and password so that you can access the My LotNetwork areas.  


If you already have entered Premium or Featured listings in LotNetwork.com, those listings will be shown in your My Listings area. If you have not entered any listings yet, then just wait to add your photograph and firm logo when you are adding your first listings.

For existing listings, while on the My Listings page you can click the "Add Photos/Attachments" link under the Actions column next to a thumbnail view of that listing. This will open the Edit listing process in Step 2, Upload Photos/Files.

Then you just upload your Member Photo and Member Logo by clicking the large Upload Photo/Image button on this Step 2 page. When the Upload Photos/Images pop up appears, choose the image file on your computer that you wish to use and then identify the "Type" as either a "Member Photo" or "Member Logo". This let's the system know that these are not property-specific photos and uploads them to be displayed in the Contact Information area of your listing. 

Finish uploading, and you'll see your Member Photo and/or Member Logo displayed in the upper right part of the Upload Photos/Files page. These photos are applied to all of your listings and will be instantly saved for you after you have uploaded them. 

As an aside, note that a "Builder Logo" also can be uploaded via this Photo Upload interface. The Builder Logo is not displayed in the photo gallery at the top of the listing, nor is it displayed with the main Seller Contact Information in the listing -- the Builder Logo is shown in a separate section in that particular listing that shows information about the homebuilder and/or developer. But unlike the Member Logo and Member Photo, the Builder Logo does not apply to your entire account and is not shown across all your listings since some members work with a number of Builders and may need to display a separate Builder Logo based on the listing.

Reviewing Your Member Photo & Member Logo

You can click on your listing thumbnail in the My Listings area to see one of your listings, and check out how the headshot and firm logo look in the listing.  Depending on the quality and layout of your image file, you may find that some photos or logos just did not upload and display well (this particularly can happen when an image is displayed very horizontal or vertical).

Updating or Replacing Your Photo

If you'd like to update or replace one of these images, just delete the current version by using the red X under the photo (where it is displayed in the Photo Upload page). Then you can add your updated photo or image as you wish using the same process described above.  And, of course, just let us know if you need any help. Contact us at customerservice@lotnetwork.com if you need assistance.