It's easy to contact a property seller on  Just look for one of our two contact forms on the listing page (the forms are highlighted with bright orange "Request More Information" headings).  The top contact form area includes both an email form and a section below that with the seller's complete contact information. You'll see the seller's name, address, company name (if any) and you may see other profile information like professional photos and firm logos too. You can learn more about the property by getting directly in touch with the seller by email or by telephone.   

Contacting Sellers by Email

Each listing page includes two "Request More Information" email forms that you can use to contact the seller so you can get more information about a property.  One form is just below the property photos and files, on the left side of the listing, and the other is a horizontal form at the bottom of the listing.  Both contact forms work the same way for emails, so you can use either form and get the same results.

To contact the seller by email for more information, just fill in the required information first. This includes your basic contact information that a seller needs to communicate with you (like your name and email address). 

We do not share your email address with others, so you can feel safe using these email contact forms to reach sellers.

A message is required too, but one already has been pre-filled for you. You can either use this pre-filled message or edit the message and ask for more specific information or details.  The "Message" area of the form is limited to 500 characters, which should be plenty of room for you to get the conversation started with the seller.  

After filling in the required information, then simply check the reCAPTCHA box ("I'm not a robot") to help prove that you are a real person and not an automated spamming system. 

To send the email, just click the orange "Send Email" button, and you are done. You'll see a message that indicates whether the email successfully was sent, or not. If you are unable to get the system to send the email, you can always call the seller directly as noted below.

You'll receive a copy of the email at the email address you provided, so you can keep track of the properties you are inquiring about.

Be aware that even though our system may successfully send an email occasionally a seller will not receive that email. Possible reasons include sellers with overly-sensitive junk/spam filters that block your email or technical email server problems that prevent the email from being delivered to the seller after it was successfully sent from's servers.  If you don't hear back from the seller soon, just give them a call using the phone number in the listing (see below).

NOTICE: We respect the privacy of our sellers, so these email contact forms should only be used by you for contacting a seller about a property listed on the web site.  You are prohibited from sending spam or unsolicited commercial communications through's system. Violators of these rules are subject to reporting, blocking and other remedies and penalties.

Contacting Sellers by Telephone

To contact a seller by telephone for more information about a property, just click or tap on the gray button to "View Phone Number".  The gray button shows a pop up window that includes the Seller's telephone number (see below). Some of these phone number windows display 2 phone numbers, which may include both a direct phone number and an office number.  Keep in mind that many real estate agents and other sellers prefer to be reached at their direct phone numbers about properties they are selling, so you may want to try both if necessary.

When you contact the seller by telephone, be sure to tell them "I found your listing on"  This helps sellers know that is working well for them, and also helps us provide free property searches for people who are searching


Let us know if you need any more help, and good luck with your property searching! has many powerful Search Tools -- like Saved Searches, New Listing Alerts, Saved Favorites and more -- to help you with your property search.

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