Ready to add your new Featured and Premium listings directly on the site? 

First make sure you are logged in and already purchased a listing plan. Then simply choose "Add New Listings" from the My LotNetwork menu (see image).  Add New Listings - My LotNetwork Drop Down

NOTE: We have a special option for adding listings if you are a real estate agent or broker and wish to use your existing MLS listing information to automatically create your new Featured and Premium Listings. Read more about our powerful Auto-Upgrade tool that adds your new Featured and Premium listings in seconds, and is made specifically for real estate pros with Basic Listings on the site.


After clicking on "Add New Listings" you'll start posting your property listing directly via our easy-to-use listing form created specifically for lot and land properties. You'll first see a window with the option to choose your listing type as either Featured or Premium. Simply choose the correct listing type for this listing based on the listing plan you purchased (or use the My LotNetwork menu to "Buy Listing Plans" if you need to add a different plan). 

After that window closes, you'll complete the property info on that first page (this is the only page with "Required" items) and then move on to the next page/step shown in the form. 

TIP 1:  Also, be aware that the large "Step" arrows at the top of the page indicate which step you are in of the Create Listing process. These Step arrows are clickable, and allow you to navigate back and forth between steps as you finish your listing.

Create Listing Form - Step Arrows Help You Navigate

TIP 2:  After you proceed beyond the first page of the listing form to the next page or step, your listing will be saved in the background as "Incomplete" until it is posted. This helps if you pause, have computer problems or just need to finish your listing later. Simply find your Incomplete listing under the My Listings option in the My LotNetwork menu. Click to Edit your listing and pick up where you were in the process.

After completing Page 1, continue to add any other property and area information you wish on the subsequent pages. This information is optional, but can be helpful for buyers if you have it. Also, learn about the Project Listings option on Page 2 if it applies to your property and you wish to complete those information fields.

Then, move on to Step 2 -- Upload Photos/Files. You can click on the Step 2 arrow at the top of the page to move to this step. Choose the type of item you want to upload to your listing from the buttons on the page.  Read about uploading photos, files, links and more in this article.

After you upload images/files, you are ready to finalize and post your listing. In Step 3 you can easily click to Post your listing as active (you can choose to Preview it first, then return back to post your listing).  

That's it!  You're FINISHED, and your property listing is active and able to be found by buyers searching on  

Remember that you always can come back and edit your listing, add more photos, etc. Just use the "My Listings" option in the My LotNetwork drop down menu to access a list of your Featured and Premium listings. Learn more about editing listings.

Contact us at with any questions (you also can easily create a new support ticket at the top of this page to get your questions answered).

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